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Mouse in a hole. Mouse coming out of a hole.


If you suspect you have a rodent problem, call Village Exterminating for SAME DAY service. We firmly believe in humane wildlife control and are fully licensed and insured. We will first inspect your home and then develop a plan of action to reduce and eliminate your rodent problem.

We have the solutions to all your rodent problems

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and perimeter defense protection, an External Rodent Control Program, and a General Pest Program to rid your home or office of rodents quickly and permanently. All of our methods are EPA approved.


Village Exterminating will send a highly trained rodent control professional out to your property to identify, inspect and design a program for you.

Rodent services offered:

  • Identify rodents and rodent damage

  • Inspect conditions conducive to rodents

  • Seal / Close entry and exit points

  • Install traps

  • Return and remove traps

We will make your home pest free in no time. Our services are a step above the rest!

Get in contact with us now for the best rodent services anywhere.


Get in contact with us today to get rid of those pesky rodents. Our service is always GUARANTEED!